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Frequently Asked Questions Why Buy a New Builder Home if You Rent?
  • Stop wasting money on rent and getting nothing back in return
  • No rules or restrictions imposed by landlords
  • Within limits of the law, you may change, modify, or remodel your house
  • Build Equity – home ownership is an investment opportunity to build equity by paying down principal over time plus the potential for your property to appreciate
  • Tax Advantages – as a home owner you can deduct mortgage interest and property taxes from you federal income tax as per the IRS code. These deductions are significant during the early years of a mortgage
  • Stabilize your payments Ὰ unlike periodic increases in rent, if you choose a fixed rate mortgage you'll pay the same monthly principal and interest for the entire term of your loan. Property taxes and insurance vary slightly
  • With today's low interest rates, monthly mortgage payments could actually be less than rent
Why Buy a New Builder Home if You Already Own a Home?
  • All new, under warranty – consider the cost to replace dated appliances, a roof, countertops, water heater, a fence or repair a foundation
  • Energy and Cost Savings – today's new homes are far more energy efficient than homes built just five years ago, resulting in significant heating and cooling savings
  • Advanced Technology and Safety – state-of-the-art circuit breakers; high efficiency furnace and air conditioners using environmentally friendly coolants; cabinest, carpet and paint with fewer volatile organic compounds … so we can all breathe easier
  • List your home with CEDA Realty and receive the CEDA Certified Homes Option for only $575
    • Professional Home Staging Consultation
    • Pre-listing inspection
    • C.L.U.E. Insurance Report
    • Title Property Profile
    • Professional Photograph
    • Mobile Marketing & Call Information Capture
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